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Video, COP15 Opening Press Conference, Yvo de Boer advises 'keep it simple' in responce to historic emissions debt question.

Dec 6, Copenhagen

Yvo de Boer responded to a question suggesting that military expenses could be reallocated to pay down the enormous historical ‘emissions debt’ owed by industrialized nations.

Text of response:
“I was hoping you were going to ask somebody else”

“I think the issues that you raise are very important but historic responsibility is an issue that’s been thoughout these negotiations and one that is very difficult one to deal with. I think that many people would share your sentiments on military spending and probably have a whole lot of ideas, especially on the eve of Christmas, on much better ways to use that money.”

“What I would advocate for this conference – in spite of all the attention – is keep it simple. Focus on an outcome that can deliver immediate action on the ground the day this conference ends. And what I want to see at the end of this conference is a list of rich country targets that are ambitious, clarity on what major developing countries will do to limit the growth of their emissions, and a list of financial pledges that will make it possible for the much broader developing nation community both to change the direction of their economic growth and to adapt to the inevitable impacts of climate change. That’s what I’m asking father Christmas for.”