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Video – COP 15 Followup – Al Gore’s Speech

Copenhagen, Dec 15, 2009.

Al Gore Part 1

Al Gore Part 2 Al Gore Part 3 Al Gore Part 4 Al Gore Part 5

Excerpts from Al Gore’s speech inside the Bella Center at the COP 15:

“The alternative to success is unacceptable.”

“This historic gathering is being attended by leaders from almost every nation in the world, some of them already here, most of them due to arrive in the next forty eight hours. But there is one important part of humankind not present and not formally represented at these negotiations. Even though I have no credentials entitling me to speak for them, I would nevertheless like to advocate their interests. They are the generations that will follow us. The decisions made here in Copenhagen will powerfully determine the shape and the nature of the future that they will inherit from us. They will not care very much about some of the disputes that are raging here in this conference. They will find it difficult to understand how some of these disputes could be allowed to interfere with the result that is essential for the survival of our civilization.”

“More is at stake than many seem to realize. Now that global civilization is interconnected on every continent as never before, we here must reclaim our ability to use the rule of law as an instrument of human redemption. That is our challenge. The future of human civilization is threatened as never before.”

Report by James George