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Carpe Diem West new report discussion: New Visions. Smart Choices. Western Water Security in a Changing Climate. SF Commonwealth Club.

San Francisco, Mar 26, 2013

Kimery Wiltshire of Carpe Diem West and Scott Miller of Resource Media spoke at the SF Commonwealth Club to announce and discuss Carpe Diem’s new report ‘Smart Choices. Western Water Security in a Changing Climate‘. The discussion emphasized ‘power of nature’ solutions and collaboration across agencies and between actors, highlighting several examples of innovation and cooperation in a variety of locations across the West.

Scott Millere
Water is the face of climate change. .. it’s the way that most people are going to come to understand what climate change means for them in their day to day lives and that’s critically important because that’s how people understand problems, how they experience them personally.” ~ Scott Miller
Kimery Witshire
“Climate change is the game changer, and the way that we used to do things in the past, the way we used to work with each other in balkanized and siloed and competitive ways isn’t going to work, that’s the great news about climate change.” ~ Kimery Witshire

report by James George