Founded in 2008, Action 2030 is actively working on several important new projects and initiatives. Through our inclusive practices we reach out both to policy leadership and to the community in the areas we are involved in. 2009's events, initiatives, and ongoing projects promise to bring together unique combinations of actors and institutions, stimulating the kind of innovation we strive to support in policy thinking and practice.


  • Policy Roundtables
  • Consults/Briefings
  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Trainings

Public Engagement

  • Media Projects
  • Visual Texts and Documentary Films
  • Photo Essays
  • Internet / Multimedia
  • Film Festivals
  • Musical Gatherings and Artistic Convergences
  • Internships and Service Learning

Awards and Innovations

  • 2030 Vision Challenge: “Vision of the Month”
  • Public/Private Partnerships
  • Pedagogy and Critical Thinking

Model Projects

  • in China and elsewhere—Action on the Ground
  • Globally—Best Practices

If you are interested in learning more about specific outreach activities, please contact us.

FAF Sponsors
Sustainable Food and Ag. Workshop
Food & Ag WorkshopFacilitating dialogue at the International Food and Ag. Workshop in Beijing
Film ScreeningFilm Screening and Discussion
Rep. Markey & JamesMeeting Congressman Markey after his climate change talk & audience questions