Partnerships & Collaborations

"A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles" ~ Tim Cahill

Fundamental to Action2030's mission is incorporating a broad spectrum of ideas into policy strategies to develop innovative and workable solutions. Through our Roundtable discussions we bring together people from many perspectives and positions and facilitate unique discussions. Along the way we forge new partnerships and relationships and participate in rich networks of actors.

Professor Muldavin during participatory fieldwork in Baoshan, China

Partnerships & Collaborations:

Action2030 works in conjunction with other organizations in mutually beneficial fashion. There are many existing groups and institutes doing important work, and rather than attempt to duplicate these achievements, we prefer to link to, refer to, and comment on the projects of other groups via our own research, methodology, and understanding. In addition to informal meetings with members of other groups, occasionally we invite key personnel to participate in our Roundtable events and workshops, or to collaborate on specific projects.

If you or your organization would like to partner or collaborate, please contact us.

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