Projects and Initiatives


  • Workshop on Sustainable Food and Agriculture
    In March 2010, the Action 2030 Institute, in cooperation with other groups, organized the first International Sustainable Food and Agriculture Workshop held in Beijing. Engaging contemporary issues in our global food systems, the workshop brought policymakers, academics and the NGO community together in conversation on current trends and environmentally sustainable, socially sound pathways forward.
  • Farmer to Farmer Exchange in Rural Filmmaking and Community Development
    In May, Action 2030 partnered with PCC in rural Shanxi to invite a group of six villager filmmakers to a four day exchange event. During this exchange, the villager filmmakers and different local community groups shared their work and experiences through video content which they created themselves.
  • At Risk” book translation project, and Workshop on Participatory Community Approaches to Disaster Planning
  • Climate Change Roundtable
  • Climate Change Impact Assessment (CCIA) and ODA Workshop
    In cooperation with international ODA institutions Action2030 is organizing a workshop on integrating CCIAs into ODA planning.
  • Outreach: Extending the impact of our policy research and initiatives through outreach, and by inviting multimedia contributions.

Associated Research Groups

Muldavin Research Group

Action2030 is actively contributing to the following research and initiatives

  • Himalayan Region: Conservation, Sustainability, and Poverty Alleviation in the Himalayan Region: Do Participatory Environmental Policies Work?
  • Climate Change
    • Climate Change Perspectives in China
    • Climate Change Adaptation and Risk Reduction in China
  • Japanese ODA
    • The Role of Japanese Environmental ODA in China’s Development—Lessons for the Future
    • Conservation, Sustainability, and Poverty Alleviation in China: The Efficacy and Impact of Japanese ODA
  • ALARODA: A Political Ecology of the Impacts of East Asian Dynamism and Global Capital and Commodity Flows—Linked Transformation through Aid, FDI, and Resource Extraction
  • China Rural: A Political Ecology of China’s Rural Transformation
  • China Global: A Political Ecology of China’s Global Integration
  • Food & Agriculture: Alternative Agriculture and Food Systems
Mustang Cave
Outlook from an ancient cave in Mustang, Nepal



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